JANUARY 8, 9, 10, 1999 (31 YEARS)  

1. Larry Latta, 1998 President was unable to attend the meeting due to bad

weather. Many other delegates

could not attend because of bad weather or personal obligations. Bob Spain,

Vice President assumed the duties as President for the meeting. Bob displayed

great leadership in conducting the business of the association.

2. Since this was an election year for the president and treasurer, Bob Spain

was elected President, Bill Gardner, was elected Treasurer. A vacancy was

created for the vice-president's position and Kathy Manizza, was appointed in

that position. Kathy's primary mission will be to focus on increasing

participation by women.

3. Bob Spain held two Long Range Planning Committee meetings, which were well


4. Jim Mack, Executive Director reported that he will not accept a salary for

the executive director's position, but will continue to serve USCA as a

volunteer. Jim accepted a salary for the 1998 year only. The precedence was

set for the first time in USCA to pay a person to serve in that position. He

will begin to actively seek a replacement for the executive director's

position. USCA will offer a salary for the position or accept volunteer


5. Gil Brazo gave an update on the 1999 USCA Nationals, Niles, MI. Also, he

announced the 1999 Youth Logo Contest winner - Jonathan Stevens.

6. Josh Thomas, USCA Webmaster presented an update for the delegates and

fielded questions about using the Internet.

7. Cecil Runyon gave an update on the 1999 USCA Stock Aluminum Canoe

Nationals, June 13, 1999, Pontiac, IL.

8. Clarification of Competition Rules Booklet - Protest - Guidelines on

clarification of Protests - Education vs Punishing: Arbitration Committee will

evaluate protests with respect to the paddler's intent, consideration of the

effect on the outcome of the race. They may issue the following penalties:

Disqualification, time penalty or present an educational lecture, etc.

9. Sea Kayak specs decided on: The minimum width can be no less than 10% of

length (length x 0.10), thus eliminating the fastest, tipsiest designs.


10. Sea Kayak Trial Class for Masters - Marathon event. Approved.

11. The whistle rule approved: Personal Floatation Devices (PFD) add USCG Rule

Sounding device: There shall be one sounding device (whistle) per boat for all

USCA sanctioned events. Approved.

12. Special recognition for 1st woman in each kayak class - marathon event.


13. The Adult Sprints will continue to be offered at the USCA Nationals. A

survey will be taken at the 1999 USCA Nationals, Niles, MI from the Adult

Sprint participants concerning the Sprints.

14. 2000 USCA Marathon Nationals winning bid went to Mary Ann Pontius,

Lafayette, IN, Wabash River, August 8-13, 2000. Approved.

15. Stock Aluminum Class: Specs approved for 17'4" boat. Nothing can be

removed from boat; additions can be made. You may add foot braces; sliding

seats may be placed on top of existing stock seats.

16. 70 year + trial for C-1; special recognition in C-2 marathon event. Grand

Veterans class. Approved. There will be a 1-year waiting period before this

class can become a trial USCA class.

17. USCA Stock Aluminum Canoe National Championship event will still be held

separate from the traditional marathon events. North Carolina Canoe Racing

Association won the bid for the 2000 Stock Aluminum Nationals, May 6, 2000,

Lumber River, Lumberton, NC.

18. USCA Instructor Certification program approved by delegates. First

certification program to be offered at the 1999 USCA Nationals, Niles, MI.

Approved. Bob Spain and Jim Mack will coordinate plans.

19. Terry Kent, Executive Director, USCKT was guest speaker at the banquet.

20. Terry Kent has offered USCA the opportunity to market merchandise through

Eddie Bauer. Also, Terry offered to distribute USCA bid sheets for hosting


21. Gene Jensen received the Howie LaBrant Award. Terje Reinertsen prepared an

interview type arrangement with Gene Jensen that gave the attendees an

overview of Gene's remarkable life and his contribution to paddlersports.

22. Jan Whitaker introduced two outstanding paddlers who spoke on Rochester's

Outrigger Canoe Program for Persons with Physical Disabilities.

23. Jan Whitaker distributed a draft copy of a USCA Welcome Youth Paddler


24. The USCA Nationals, Niles, MI will also include a Biathlon, RunPaddleRun.

25. Erg Sprints (w/paddle adapter) were held inside the hotel Sunday morning

in place of the traditional Beach Run.

26. USCA Annual Auction produced $872.75

27. The USCA Bill Klebe Good Sportsmanship Award will be presented at the USCA

Nationals, Niles, MI

28. Selection date of 2001 USCA Nationals August 7-12, 2001

29. No bids were presented for the 2000 USCA Annual Convention Meeting. The

Executive Committee will select the site.

30. Nannette Krapf was accepted by the delegates as a paid Life Member of


31. Harold Theiss and Sharon Runyon were recognized by the Delegates for their

contributions to USCA above and beyond the call of duty.


Notes from the meeting: Jan 8 Long Range Planning Meeting

Bob Spain


Canoe certification/instruction

Adult Sprints Stock Aluminum Class Woman participation in the USCA


SATURDAY, JANUARY 9, 1999 - 9:00 A.M.

A Silent Auction will be conducted during the General Meeting


Vice President Report (Bob Spain)

Conservation WWW page

Treasurer Report (Bill Gardner)

Profit and Loss

Executive Director Report (Jim Mack)

Eddie Bauer Merchandise

Marathon activity throughout the world

NECRA highest amount

Education Web page

USCKT development marathon racing

Interest as Marathon as Olympic event still alive


Nominating Committee

Motions Pass

Bob Spain President

Treasurer Bill Gardner




PROPOSED AMENDMENTS (More info contact Joan Theiss)

Giving proxy to any USCA member (Pass)

Removing vacancies/Filling vacancies (Pass)

National Timing (Pass)

Voting (Withdrawn)(Fail)


Amateur Status (Joan Theiss)

Discussion - To Committee

Adult Sprints

Sent to competition committee.

Competition Rule Booklet

Adding of National coordinator+Executive Director Page 14D

Race Management and Conduct

Woman's Classes-To competition Committee

USCA vender for medals

Submitting of bids


C-1 Canoe

Propose new +70 Class

Update on Niles nationals '99

USCA Nationals Logo

Audit Committee Update

Bids Presented for 2000 Nationals

1) Indiana

2) Ohio

Bids for 2000 Aluminum Nationals

1) Ohio

2) North Carolina




Competition Committee

Option of punishments

Sprints leave as of 99

Sea Kayak New Specs (Width 10% of length) (Pass)

Trial Class Marathon Sea Kayak (Pass)

Change in wording of whistle law (Pass)

Special recognition for women in each kayak class (Pass)

Aluminum Class boat modification Specifications -One year delay

Stock Aluminum 17'4". NO Alterations to stock boat

but additions may be made. (Pass)

+70 trial in Marathon (Pass)

Aluminum Masters retain class in 99 (Pass)

C-1 be allowed only in Adult/Youth sprint and marathon fledgling 1 and fledgling. (Fail)

Move Stock Aluminum Nationals to Marathon Nationals (Fail)

USCA Instructor Program (Pass)

USCA Annual Bill Klebe Good Sportsmanship Award (Pass)

2New life memberships (Pass)

Selection of 2000 Stock Aluminum Nationals Course

First weekend in May Lumber River, North Carolina


Selection of 2000 Marathon Nationals

Indiana Bid 8,9,10,11 of August

2000 Annual Convention Meeting

2 bids from Lexington KY

Sent to executive committee to look into further.